Dylan Hicks & Small Screens

January 30, 2022

Lately I’ve been writing songs mostly for Dylan Hicks and Small Screens, a really cool six-piece group with Zacc Harris on guitar, Michelle Kinney on cello, Christopher Thomson on reeds and keybs, Charlie Lincoln on bass, and Peter Hennig on drums. I’m excited about what we’re doing: pop songs, broadly speaking, some of in the vein of what I’ve done before, but some a bit more formally unconventional (I like formal convention, too, but it’s fun to try stuff with more fluid structure, nonrhyming lyrics, lots of space for improvisation.) Anyway, I think we’re coming up with a cool pop-jazz-arty-folk-whatever thing. We’ve done some recording, and I hope to release an album with the group later this year or, more likely, early in ’23. For now, you could check us out Friday, March 25 at Icehouse in Minneapolis, in a co-bill with the great Molly Maher and her new configuration, the Gilded Quadriga.

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