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Books and Other Writing

Amateurs by Dylan HicksMy second novel, Amateurs, was published in May of 2016 by Coffee House Press. It’s a comic novel, not entirely frivolous, I hope, but perhaps light enough to be enjoyed on beaches or in some other flip-flopped summery setting. It borrows some devices from romantic comedy: there’s a wedding, for instance, and a youngish man of vast independent means, and a fair amount of talking that might be called courtship.

The first novel is moodier, less plotted, altogether looser. It’s narrated by a man remembering a disruptive early nineties visit from one of his mother’s former exes, a sort of Mephistophelian outlaw and also-ran musician. The book includes a free download code for its companion album, Dylan Hicks Sings Bolling Greene, which can also be purchased separately as an LP, CD, or download.

I’m not currently working on a novel or any other book-length manuscript, but I’d like to return to that at some point. For now I’m concentrating more on songwriting and music, and I still do some freelance editorial work.

I also write freelance journalism, criticism, and essays with some regularity, though less regularity than before. For a while I was posting music criticism and related stuff to a website called NR MINT, but I kind of dropped the ball on that. I felt pretty good about “Autumn Closing In,” a long essay mostly about music and back pain and published in New England Review, Volume 38, Number 1. I’d like to put together a collection of essays, but that might not be too realistic. Feel free to encourage me.