A Few Items

June 18, 2016

Here’s a well-turned and approving article in the Guardian about the new novel. I sighed over the Millennial-baiting headline, which is in quotation marks but, I’m quite sure, isn’t a direct quote. (Almost always editors rather than reporters write headlines and treatments.) During the phone interview and to my instant regret, I did say some incoherent things about generations and changing ideas about “selling out,” but I wasn’t trying to do so in a hand-wringing or superior way, and in any case the headline’s question isn’t one I had in mind while writing the book. (The book’s major characters are introduced at different stages of their lives, but, by most definitions, all of them would be part of Generation X.) As soon as I spoke the word millennial, I tried to talk about millennial activism and now inspiring it is, but it was too late: the keyword had been unleashed. In short, I am old and sometimes cranky, but not precisely in that way. Still, a nice article, and I really enjoyed talking to the Marc about the book and look forward to getting to know his work better. And here the book is endorsed among other Minnesota summer-reading worthies.

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