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All-Time Top 20 Pairs of Dylan Hicks’s Socks. How Many Have You Worn?

December 8, 2013

1. Brown-and-green argyle with orange toe stitch
2. White athletic, red paint stain near right toe
3. Brown dress, left behind by houseguest and never returned
4. White and off-white baby socks, mismatched
5. Cream dress, above the calf
6. Blue-and-white winter socks with red accents and snowflake motif
7. Obligatory 2010s casual-Friday sock with brightly colored horizontal stripes
8. Blue-and-purple argyle, potato expanding severely above right heel
9. Pale-pink athletic, formerly white
10. Red, washed mistakenly with whites
11. L.L. Bean boot socks, green
12. Wool cycling socks, gray, black, and red
13. White gym, above the calf with blue cuff stripes
14. Cream dress, first pair
15. Light-blue baby with fancy turndown cuff
16. Gray dress
17. Black cycling socks with Grateful Dead bears ringing cuff (gift, lightly worn)
18. Cream dress, second pair
19. White athletic, blue heel
20. Cream wool, winter running

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