Clarification about the book and the download

April 27, 2012

No one has complained yet, but in looking over this website and my Bandcamp page, I see that until now I haven’t made clear that the novel comes with a free download code for the album. I’ve been trying to spell this out onstage and whatnot, but it seems that I didn’t do so online. I mention this in case someone bought the LP, CD, or download, then bought the book (thank you!), and came to feel that in making this second purchase they’d rendered the first redundant. Of course I figure that some folks, those who share my preference for palpable albums, will prefer the LP or CD to the download, and that others will be interested in the music and not the book, which is one of the reasons I wanted to put the album out separately. Hopefully, no one feels misled, but do drop me a line here or on Facebook if you bought the record in April (and April only) and are now peeved to learn that you could have gotten the download free with the book. I’m not really prepared to offer refunds, but I can send you something as a thanks: maybe an LP or CD to someone who bought the download, or something from my back catalog, or a drink at one my shows.  

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