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Novels and Other Writing

My second novel, Amateurs, was published in May of 2016 by Coffee House Press. It’s a comic novel, not entirely frivolous, I hope, but perhaps light enough to be enjoyed on beaches or in some other flip-flopped summery setting. It borrows some devices from romantic comedy: there’s a wedding, for instance, and a youngish man of vast independent means, and a fair amount of talking that might be called courtship. For further enticement, see the page sinfully devoted to praise for Amateurs and other work.

The first novel is moodier, less plotted, altogether looser. It’s narrated by a man remembering a disruptive early nineties visit from one of his mother’s former exes, a sort of Mephistophelian outlaw and also-ran musician. The book includes a free download code for its companion album, Dylan Hicks Sings Bolling Greene, which can also be purchased separately as an LP, CD, or download.

I also write freelance journalism with some regularity, mostly about books and music. I sometimes remember to link those articles on Hicksy’s Infrequently Updated Blog. Some of my older short stories, essays, and other nonjournalistic pieces are floating around, in some cases on the internet. I’d rather steer you to the more recent stuff, but if there’s something you’re trying to find, just email me at dylan underscore hicks at yahoo.