Five Hits a Day: the Official Dylan Hicks Website


Dylan Hicks, who will return to the third person for this biographical section, is a writer and musician. His second novel, Amateurs, was released in 2016; his first, Boarded Windows, came out in 2012, along with a companion album, Dylan Hicks Sings Bolling Greene. His journalism, essays, short fiction, and other work have appeared in the Village Voice, the New York Times, Slate, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Rain Taxi, Star Tribune, the Guardian, Spin, City Pages, Mpls.-St. Paul, Swink, Dislocate, the Rake, Hobart, Da Capo Press’s Best Music Writing 2007, and several several other publications, more than a few of them defunct. Throughout the ’90s and in the early ’00s, he led nonprofit rock bands under his own name and released three CDs on No Alternative Records, two forty-fives on Prospective Records, and two unaffiliated cassettes. He still plays music, though not as regularly as before, and is at work, sometimes, on his fifth album, loosely scheduled for release in early 2017. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Nina Hale, and their son, Jackson.

He doesn’t have a fax machine, but there are many ways to reach him. One would be to email him by using lower-case letters to type his first name, followed by an underscore, then his surname (rendered again with lower-case letters), next the “at” symbol, then the name of the internet corporation Yahoo!—except instead of an exclamation point you would use a period or “dot,” and finally the standard abbreviated version of the word commercial. You could also reach him on Twitter or Facebook.